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Behaviour change as a driver for mitigating climate change: wins substantially offset by losses

Behaviour change as a driver for climate change mitigation has both merits and limits, according to this study. Article explores offsets and reinforcements according to table 1 in the article: (quoted). Rebounds (financial resources) Spillovers (moral resources) Time-use rebounds (temporal resources) Offsets the initial energy savings Positive rebound (e.g. if cycling is less expensive than […]

Monitoring circularity in the Netherlands

Study by dutch government agency PBL finds that The Netherlands is not doing so badly re recycling of materials (13% of materials recycled as of 2019).PBL further asserts the limits of further increases of this percentage as materials are locked up in long-lasting structures, exported, and so on. In addition to more recycling, other strategies […]

“Cherish the truth. Cherish the institutions. Fight the lying princes”

Author Roxane van Iperen delivered this year’s Machiavelli Lecture (Dutch only) PDF via this link Core concepts: – Deceit and bending the truth are nothing new in politics, as Macchiavelli had shown. – The current situation exacerbates the outlook for strong democracy: globalisation undermines accountability of business, both financially and environmentally; the public domain has […]

Soy, animal feed and land use change in S. America: no sings of decoupling in sight

According to this overview article on foodsource.org,  87% of global soy production is processed into soybean oil (19%) and soy meal or ‘cake’. Of this, 99% is used as animal feed for (factory) livestock farming. About a fifth of Soybean oil production is used as biofuel, the rest is for human consumption f.i. cooking oils. […]

Lessons learned from Biosphere 2 for ecomodernists and deep ecologists alike

The history of Biosphere 2, an attempt to recreate the Earth’s 7 biomes in a bubble. What both deep ecologists and ecomodernists might learn from it. Quote: ‘ “Deep ecologists” see all of nature as intrinsically valuable: it’s simply impossible to substitute for the unique and irreplaceable value of any given organism. For other ecologically […]

Oslo Principles set out Human Rights based obligations to reduce GHG emissions

Quote: “But how much do human rights and other sources of law require each state to do to reduce emissions, even in the absence of a specific treaty?” The Oslo Principles [PDF], launched in 2015, answer that question. Refers to succesful lawsuit of environmental group Urgenda (dutch) against the State of the Netherlands and other […]

The world is getting less, not more circular

Over 100 billion tonnes of stuff churned through the global economy in 2017. That’s actually more, not less than the previous estimate from 2015. Dutch newspaper Trouw: “Humanity has never used up so much primary resources” (possible paywall) The Guardian: “unsustainable use of resources is wrecking the planet” The full report from The Circularity Gap […]