Behaviour change as a driver for mitigating climate change: wins substantially offset by losses

Behaviour change as a driver for climate change mitigation has both merits and limits, according to this study. Article explores offsets and reinforcements according to table 1 in the article: (quoted). Rebounds (financial resources) Spillovers (moral resources) Time-use rebounds (temporal resources) Offsets the initial energy savings Positive rebound (e.g. if cycling is less expensive than […]

Soy, animal feed and land use change in S. America: no sings of decoupling in sight

According to this overview article on,  87% of global soy production is processed into soybean oil (19%) and soy meal or ‘cake’. Of this, 99% is used as animal feed for (factory) livestock farming. About a fifth of Soybean oil production is used as biofuel, the rest is for human consumption f.i. cooking oils. […]

Lessons learned from Biosphere 2 for ecomodernists and deep ecologists alike

The history of Biosphere 2, an attempt to recreate the Earth’s 7 biomes in a bubble. What both deep ecologists and ecomodernists might learn from it. Quote: ‘ “Deep ecologists” see all of nature as intrinsically valuable: it’s simply impossible to substitute for the unique and irreplaceable value of any given organism. For other ecologically […]